Fine Lumens was found in 2018, we are committed in producing lighting products through different materials, geometries and functionality, and we strive to push the boundary of what a luminaire could be.

  • PLAT collection
Stemming from "plateau", meaning an area of level high ground, Plat is a desklamp with one vertical sideto lean books against, and a flat top to rest andwirelessly charge a phone.
  • PINCH  collection
While the classic globe pendant is suspended by a central stem, the Pinch's light source is gently clasped by an aluminum clip, deforming it like a Tang Yuan
  • LINE  collection
The elegant line and simple shap might reminisce one of an elongated lantern - an ancient Asian illumina-
tion in Asia or an enlarged electro tube, evoking a sense of both tradi-tional and contemporary.