For the 2006 holiday season, we produced a short animated movie to send out as a virtual greeting card to all our clients at FIFTYEIGHT ANIMATION. Little did we know that the clip with the pesky little characters would soon spread like wildfire via forwarded email – and become a cult phenomenon. That’s even more remarkable considering the fact that back then, there was really no Facebook or YouTube (hard to imagine today, right?).

The audio track for this first clip was dubbed by the actors behind the famous comedy duo Mundstuhl from Frankfurt in their signature accent of the state of Hesse.

And since we had pretty much already fallen head over heels for the two little freaks during the 3D-animation stages, we were already considering turning the cups into real-life products. Their facial expressions in the final image of the movie – one smiling deviously while the other looks on in startled bewilderment – was so full of expression that we decided to want to hold the cups in our hands as real products with these exact expressions.